Many governments choose to "workshop" their workflows on a "Test" team - with a smaller number of staff, and without the risk that a constituent will start using it too soon.  When you're ready to go live with the public, here's our recommendation for some final checks:

Configuring Your “official” Team

  • Check that all necessary managers and finance people are on team roster
  • Check that team branding (logo, team name, URL, colors) are set correctly
  • Check to make sure that the correct workflows appear under the team, and that if something’s not ready to launch it’s set to “unpublished”
  • Review your team settings with a CityGrows staff member (chat with us on Intercom and we ca give it a "once over"
  • Start publishing workflows! Here's a checklist for that too!

Here are a set of resources related to Teams on CityGrows:

If you've been using a "test" team, “Clone” each workflow from Test team to “Real” team - after cloning you must re-add admins and reviewer names and re-add custom photo banner. Make sure that the person who does the cloning will be an admin on that workflow, as the “owner” of the workflow can’t be removed once it’s set up. After you clone it, it’s a best practice to test one more time before launch.  Then delete that test run so your workflow won’t be clogged up with test data.

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