CityGrows is organized around Teams, and each team has a Directory associated with it. Your directory is automatically generated by the CityGrows system.  

When you click on the Directory link at the top right of your home page or Dashboard, you'll land on the "People" tab by default.  There you'll see a list of all the individuals (CityGrows accounts) who have completed applications on workflows related to that Team. Next to each name you'll see how many applications they've submitted.

If you click on the "Organizations" tab, you'll see a list of organizations represented in your data.  At the beginning, unless you've been using what we used to call "Business" processes, your Organization directory will be blank. Here's what it looks like full of Organization data:

You'll see the number of Contacts (user accounts) associated with that organization, and the number of applications they've completed. If you click on an individual organization, you'll see even more detail - contact info, data in standard and custom fields specific to your Team, and links to each application the organization is associated with.

CityGrows provides you the ability to set custom fields for  "Organizations" in your system to track static information that stays the same, no matter what workflow or application a business or organization is completing.  It could be an external ID number used by another system in your government (like a contractor license number issued by your state), information like the organization's insurance provider, or any other static information you'd like to be able to have be included on multiple applications.  Think of it as the information that stays the same no matter what kind of application you're completing, that would be a pain to fill out over and over again every year or every time a business applied for a permit for example.

Just to keep you on your toes, we've put the Organization field settings on your Team page (get there by using the very small arrow on the upper right of your page).  Then click the Organizations tab and you'll have the ability to add organization fields.  For now we don't have complex field types or validations here.

For each field, you decide whether applicants can view the information associated with the Organization and/or suggest edits to the Organization info.  For example, if a business in your system moves, the applicant might suggest a new address when they complete their business license renewal.

So how do you get this information into a particular template or application?  You select our new "Organization" field type when setting up a template.  It's the very last one on the list, so scroll down to find it.  When you select "organization" you'll be required to decide whether applicants can create new organizations (add new businesses to your master list) or not.  We recommend allowing applicants to add new organizations.

So how will this look on your forms? Check it out! When you have "Organizations" enabled, especially for workflows where applicants fill out the same application multiple times (contractors pulling multiple building permits, businesses that file quarterly reports and payments) it can really save time.  It's more to set up, but gives you a lot of flexibility, access, and control of information in your system.

For governments who have been using CityGrows for a while it will take some strategic thinking about which of your applications might benefit from our new "Organization" field and Directory functions - get in touch via Intercom or through [email protected] if you want to talk through your options!

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