Sometimes when you're creating a new workflow, you want to duplicate a step or a field.  Perhaps you want to do some experimenting without totally getting rid of what's currently in place, or you've realized that two steps at different points in your workflow will have similar questions, or you need to copy the same type of question repeatedly (for example, the answers to a series of different questions are always the same set of 5 multiple choice options).

Look for our "copy" symbol (two little boxes on top of each other) to quickly duplicate a step or a field. 

When you're in the "Edit" mode for a template, here's how it looks when you hover over the two boxes within the setup options for a field - a small "duplicate field" fext box pops up.

Look for the same symbol on each step, near where you can select arrows to move the step around or an X to delete it.

Happy copying!

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