CityGrows allows you to add conditional logic to Review steps.

You can determine whether or not a Review should take place based on information that's been provided in a previous Collect Information step.

For example, there's a question on this Special Event permit that asks about whether alcohol will be served.

We've added a condition to the later Police Department Review step based on the answer to that question, so that the Police Department Review will only be required if alcohol is going to be served.  If the answer to the previous question is "No alcohol will be consumed or sold on the premises" then the Police Department Review will not be required.

This feature works the same way as Logic does on our Collect Information sections - just look for the little "Y" shape to add a condition to any review.

And once it's added, it's always clear what triggers the Review - as you can see below the condition appears at the top of the Review section once it's been set.  This feature helps you easily ensure that the correct staff and Departments provide review and approval on complex workflows.

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