You can get started using CityGrows right away.  

When you launch a CityGrows account, we give you access to all our features for 30 days, so you can test out the full capabilities of the platform. If you need more time to test before you go live, you may extend your free trial period by another 30 days.

All our subscription plans provide access to the same set of features. Here are just some of the capabilities of the CityGrows platform:

Signatures: CityGrows allows you to collect signatures from applicants (constituents applying for permits or licenses) via our built-in signature tool.  We capture the applicant's signature image, and time and date of signature.  This feature is also available for Review steps, so that you can capture signatures from your team members if they're approving a permit or license (and include an image of that signature in a PDF download). There's an option to toggle on/ off Signatures when you're setting up a step for the first time, or accessible via the Edit panel on each template.

Formulas: Many governments want to be able to automatically calculate permit or license fees based on the information entered by applicants, or to perform calculations on the data entered into a process (for example, to calculate a score or ranking). You can add a Formula to a template by clicking on "More" from the Edit panel and then creating your own calculations using any required fields.

Entity Management: CityGrows offers the ability to add information to records about businesses (entities) that may fill out standard processes repeatedly over time.  Our Entity Management features give admins control over this entity information (found in your Directory). More options for Entity management will be coming soon.

If you have questions about our features or your free trial, please contact us for details.

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