CityGrows allows you to to add Logic to your processes. Our goal is to make your processes as responsive and flexible as possible.

You can set logic rules for individual sections that make their appearance conditional on information provided earlier in the process. Currently, the form logic can be triggered by the answer to any multiple choice or checkbox questions contained in the same (or any previous) ‘Collect Information’ step. This will work even if the previous field is also in a conditionally visible section, so you can nest Logic inside of Logic!

Over the next few months we anticipate launching Logic for other types of actions (Reviews and Payment steps). Please let us know if there’s something you’d like to do with our Logic function that you can’t, and we’ll build that into our development roadmap. And feel free to chime in on our Forum with any questions or comments!

Here’s how to use our new Logic feature to conditionally display a section:

  1. You’ll notice that in every section header (the blue bar at the top of a group of fields) you’ll see our new “Y” logic symbol. To get started, click on the Logic symbol.

2. After you click, you’ll see the basic format of the Logic option appear. You’ll be able to either “Show this Section” or “Hide this Section” based on an the answer to a multiple choice field. Everything will be blank when you first start the setup:

3. You’ll select which question you want to use and which response will trigger the appearance of the section you’re working on. In this example (part of a process that helps governments accept and process permit applications to place wireless devices on public property), we only want to show the section if the overall Applicant is not a Utility Company (most of these permits are pulled by telecom companies).

4. Once you’ve got it set up, the logic rule will be visible at the start of the section. Check it out!

We’re looking forward to your feedback on this new feature, and to seeing the improvement you can make in your processes to make them more user-friendly. Please share any feedback and ask any questions in our forum!

Just a reminder: if you edit a template for a process that’s currently in use, any applicants who’ve already launched the process will continue on and complete the version they started with. Any new applicants/ new launches will see the new version.

We’re looking forward to seeing your new Logic-enabled process!

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