The CityGrows dashboard lets your sort or search applications so you can find the group or individual application you're looking for by using the dashboard's left side search bar. With CityGrows, you can drill down into your data to find what you're looking for, in just a few steps.

The easiest way to find something is to use the search option in the upper left of your screen.  You can select "exact match" if you want to find a very specific result (e.g. the exact license number of a permit), or "contains" if you'd like a fuzzier, more general search (you don't remember exact how to spell the name of a business).

The default sort when you land on your dashboard is to show you items from all templates that "Need your attention." This is a good place to start, but if you want to find a group of applications by Status, Date Launched, or other general characteristics you can use the upper left side of the page to set up a sort.

Here is an example of sorting by Status - here, we're looking only for Completed processes. You can also search by who launched a process or when it was launched. In any of these fields, you can start typing your search terms and you'll see suggestions.

Of course for many CityGrows users they receive many applications daily, so they may have a lot of things that need their attention, or the general sort function may not help you find what you're looking for. To get more specific, use the left side search features by template.

First, narrow down to the specific template you're looking for by selecting it from the list near the bottom of the left column (if you only are working on one template type, you can skip this step).

Once you see only one template type (everything should be the same color) you've already narrowed things down.

From there, you can add a search term based on one of the fields in the template. In this example, we're searching Dog License applications for a dog named Roger.

Once you hit enter, you see that only the application for Roger shows up. Just pick the field type and add a specific or more general terms that will help you find what you're looking for. You can search by a name, by who launched the process, or by the contents of any field. For example if you're looking at a Constituent Request/ Complaint process, you can search "abandoned car" in the description field to find all applications that included those words. Something to note is that if you can't find a value may want to check your Process Attributes and make sure they are set to for what you're looking for, whether it's searching through all processes or specific active, completed, or halted ones.

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