If you're assigned as a reviewer on a process, you'll want to look at the information that's already been submitted and then decide whether or not to approve the process to move forward.

First, click on an process or application that you want to review from your dashboard, or open the link that was included in an email alerting you that an application was ready for review.

You'll land on the Review screen.  We’re showing this on a desktop, but you can also do this whole process on your phone if you prefer.  

When you open up an application to review it, you automatically land on your review step,  In order to see the information that an applicant submitted, you’ll need to click on the earlier steps in the process where they uploaded and entered their information.  Click on the step in the process where the applicant submitted information and then scroll, so you can see all the info submitted. 

If everything looks good, go ahead and complete your review.  It’s easy. Click back over to the review step, then click “Mark as reviewed” on the document for which you approved the application, and then click the green  “Go to next step” button at the bottom right if you’re the last reviewer.  Once the review step is completed, the applicant will get an automatic notification that they can move forward.

 Some review steps require you to add your signature.

If you require more information to complete your review, you can use the DIscussion feature at upper right to request more information or a revision from an applicant.

If, after your review, you believe that the application should be denied, do not complete the Review step.  You may use the Halt function in the bottom menu bar to stop the process from moving forward.

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