If you are logged in to CityGrows, you will be taken to your admin Dashboard

This is where you will be able to see all of the processes that are assigned to you and their status. We encourage you to explore and get comfortable with your dashboard. 

The dashboard is set up to prioritize the processes that you're responsible for taking action on.  Those processes that are needing your attention show up at the top of the list, with a white background.  If a process is overdue (it's been on the the current step longer than that step is supposed to take) it will also show up with "Overdue" in red.

The dashboard shows active (currently in process) requests by default, but you can also search for completed processes, and search and sort to find a specific request if you need to with the search tools on the left side.  

You can select from a specific template type, search by date, search by who launched the process, and search by Active/ Completed/ Halted.

If your dashboard is blank, that mean there are no active processes for any of your templates. If you are just starting to use CityGrows, you can set up a sample template and then launch some processes, and then they'll appear in your dashboard.

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