For many government processes, there’s a need for a staff member to manage an application through multiple steps, and be the point person responsible for completing later Collect Information steps that are set for Team Members (someone internal to your organization) to fill in. If you're working on a process with an Assign Someone step in it, you can use that step to make sure that the right people add information in to an application at the right time, so the process moves forward.

For example, the City of Erie hosts their Citizen Response Center workflow on CityGrows. As each request/ complaint/ compliment comes in, a staff member reviews it and uses the Assign Someone feature to route the application to the correct department or individual for a response.

Here's how to assign someone:

When you're on an Assign Someone step, start typing the name of the person you want to assign.  If the person is already in the CityGrows system, their name will pop up on the list that shows up when you start typing.

If you don't see their name at first, keep typing more letters.

If they don't appear in the list, you may need to invite them to CityGrows.  To do so, just type in or paste in their email address, and then add in their name when asked.  They'll get an invite and be added to the process once they sign up!

Checking to see who is assigned

Whether or not there's an Assign Someone step in your process, you can see who is currently assigned, and make reassignments if need be.  Just open up the Permissions option in the upper left of the screen, with any individual application or process selected.  

Once it's open, you'll see a list of all the possible admins, and who is currently assigned what permissions (note you may have to scroll down to see the full list). In an Assign Someone step, only one person can be assigned. But more than one person can be assigned via the Permissions page, and you can also toggle on/ off assigned staff via the Permissions option as well.


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