If your government is using CityGrows and you want to get started on a permit or license application, a request, or any other process on CityGrows, you first need to find the link on your government's website.

Once you've got the link, you'll land on a page that looks something like this.

You can click the green "Get Started" button to go to the first step of the process.

On this page you can also see all the steps of the process.  For each step, you can see what type of activity it is.  For example, a form or payment that you would complete, or a review that a government employee would conduct.  If the step is your responsibility, it'll be in bold and say "Applicant" in the Responsibility section.  If it's not bold, it's a step that the government organization will complete.

Once you click the "Get Started" button you'll create an account on CityGrows and then get to the first step in the process.

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