CityGrows lets its admin users (government staff members) customize some emails you receive from CityGrows. Please note that all email settings are linked to each process template, so you can set one set of rules for your government's Business License template, and another set of options for Dog Licensing - if you're an admin on both those workflows. Only admins can customize their email settings.

Here are the emails that you CAN'T turn off for any templates:

  • Notification when a discussion is launched on an application that you are responsible for, or on a template where you're an owner or admin
  • Notification when it's your turn to review an application

Here are the notifications that you can customize (you access these options from the Settings section of the template editor. (To get to the template editor, go to the Templates page and then click on the specific template). You can select to receive emails:

  • When a process is launched (a new application is submitted)
  • When a process moves to the next step
  • When a review is completed
  • When a process is completed

People mostly want to receive less email, so the default setting for all these emails is to have them off. If you want to turn them on, you can access the settings menu at the top of the template editor page.

Then once you've got the settings section open, you can select which emails you want to receive:

Please note that CityGrows plans to allow much more customizable and robust email and notification settings soon (e.g. customizing emails by step, role, in app notifications etc.). Stay tuned for updates on email settings and notifications.

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