There are 3 "Actions" you can perform on one application or a group of applications from the Dashboard: Export, Halt, or Delete.

When you want to export all your data, or a subset of your data, you can Export it to a .csv. CityGrows includes in its terms of service that the governments that use our platform are the owners of the data collected on it.  At any time, you can export all or some of the data that's been added to your template(s) on CityGrows. Once you've gotten sort or search that you want (you've narrowed down the applications visible), just click on "Export all matching processes" from the Actions menu at top right of the Dashboard and CityGrows will generate a .csv file. You can export one or thousands of applications, it's up to you!

Halting processes:
If you wish to Halt one or more processes from the dashboard (keep them in the system, but stop them progressing along steps to completion, you can select Halt from the Actions menu. Halting is a reversible action, although to have a process resume you must indicate that one application at a time.

Deleting processes:  
Delete processes is useful if they were duplicates, spam, or test processes you created when you were working on a template before it launched with the public. Be careful because deletion is not reversible.

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