Whether you are an individual or business applying for a permit or license, you may sometimes want to print out a record of an individual application. Many governments using CityGrows accept the record of a completed process that an applicant can print out at home as a valid permit. Even though anyone can look up the status of a permit at any time, you still might want to print out a record of your permit (and bring it with you to your block party or special event, for example).

Once an application has been completed it's very easy. If you sign in to CityGrows and open the application (from your dashboard, click on the application you want to print), if it's completed the first thing you'll see will be a screen that looks like this, with a big "Download your document" link in the middle. Once it's downloaded, you can print, email, or save it.

If the application is still in process you can still access a PDF download. First, go to the Menu section at the upper right of the screen.

Once you open the Menu, you'll see the Download PDF option about halfway down on the right side.

From there, you can download the PDF version of the application in process.

All PDF downloads include the following information:

  • Government name and logo
  • Name of process (Application type)
  • Status (Active, Completed, Halted)
  • Information about who launched the application and when it was launched.

Other information from the process is included or removed at the discretion of the government that set up the process.

CityGrows helps governments be more efficient and environmentally responsible by moving operations off of paper and online. But sometimes, you still need to print something out :-)

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