We strongly encourage you to issue refunds BEFORE funds are transferred out of our payment processor to your government bank account (e.g., while they are still shown as “Pending” on CityGrows.  We have found that setting a weekly payment transfer timeline allows local governments to issue any refunds needed (for example, if a constituent has paid an incorrect amount or a permit was denied after payment received) BEFORE the funds are included in your own bank accounts.  Through working with our clients, they’ve had much more challenge - and incurred more administrative expenses - with delayed refunds.

There are two ways to issue a refund in CityGrows:

  1. From the workflow dashboard, select the submission with the payment you need to refund. Then select the payment step for the Payment you wish to refund. Click the three dots (“More”) and you can issue a refund.


There are no CityGrows fees associated with refunded payments. Your bank may charge fees for refunds issued AFTER a payment is received by the bank.

2. The second way to issue a refund is via the ‘Transaction History’ screen. Simply search for and identify the payout to refund and select the ‘Refund payment’ option.


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