CItyGrows believes that government technology companies should promote transparency and open data. 

Because we collect data in a consistent, validated way as part of our process management platform, it's relatively easy for us to create "open by default" open data for your community.

That being said, we also value privacy and believe that each government that uses CityGrows should own and control its own data, so governments decided whether each field in each process is included in open data. 

Once you have launched at least one process from a process template, you and your community can view data and statistics about that process. To view statistics for one of your processes, you can open up the template from the Templates page, or access the Data and Stats tab from the public process landing page as well. From the public data and stats page, only data on those fields you've marked "Open Data" will be accessible. Here's what the whole page looks like:

At the top of the page you'll see statistics on the process overall - how many times it's been launched, and its average time to completion.Just below that, you can see automatic visualizations of the process data. Currently, we offer automatic mapping of any address field (as long as it's set to be visible in open data) as well as automatic pie chart visualizations of multiple choice fields.

For a multiple choice field, we'll show you a pie chart -

We are looking for feedback on what kinds of process statistics would be most helpful to our users – please send us an email if you have any suggestions for views or types of statistics that would be useful for you.

In addition to statistics about an overall process template, governments need to access the information collected each time a process is launched (for example, the information that constituents enter into a permit application). To view this information, you can click on the Download Process Data tab in the process template nav (it's right next to Statistics). We’re working on more ways to visualize this information, but for now you can export it as a .csv file.

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