CityGrows workflows are open by default, but it is possible to eliminate all public open data access and only allow other administrators on the workflow to see aggregate statistics.  By default, all new workflows have the Privacy setting set as "Transparent." 

Transparent means that anyone (any member of the public) can view details and stats for transparent workflows via the Stats tab of the Start page or through your public portal. People do not need to have a CityGrows account to view stats and Activity details for transparent workflows. 

CityGrows recommends you keep workflows set to Transparent whenever possible. You can limit what information is included on the Stats page at the field level (so you can keep some data private (by turning off the Open Data option, while making appropriate data public. 

We also understand that there are some workflows that must have no open data component. For example, governments choose to keep many Human Resources/ Personnel workflows or other internal workflows completely private, with no public access. Sometimes even workflows started by members of the public may need to be Private.  If you have the Privacy setting on Private, only you and other admins on the workflow and the Team can see stats for private workflows, and there is no open data access.

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